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All Generic Drugs Are Not Same

Posted on 01 November 2010

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Many insurance companies encourage consumers to use generic drugs to cut down expenses. Certain prescribed drugs can not work as effectively as their brand name counterparts do. Recently the New York Times newspaper published this story in detailed.

Side effects of generic drugs

A consumer advocacy site named the People’s Pharmacy started receiving complaints about generic drugs from patients who had been swapped from brand name drugs to the generic drugs. The patients reported to have new side effects and some of these patients have found their previous symptoms back even in worse condition.

The People’s Pharmacy decided to investigate this further. It engaged an independent lab to test the brand name drugs against generic drugs. The results was rather surprising, the rate at which each drug was released into the patient’s body varied considerably. This is considered as the possible cause of side effects and lowered levels of effectiveness of the generic drugs.

The absorption rate of drug is not always the critically important matter for most of the medications. However, it is important for life saving drugs such as, seizure medication that’s because even a slight different absorption rate could make a drastic difference in the patient’s health.

What to check before using a generic drug?

The change in the medication is not usually noted by the consumers themselves. A pharmacy might stock one generic drug for a particular period of time before swapping to another generic drug at reasonable price. Pharmacists are not restricted to bring the change of stock into the knowledge of consumers but some pharmacists do this.

The generic version of a drug is created by other manufacturers when the old version gets expired. To get approved by the FDA, generic version should contain the same ingredient, potency and dosage form just like the original one had in it. Its absorption rate may be slightly varied.

A patient who had been switched from brand name to generic found to be disturbed due to elevated mental illness. But when she switched back to the brand name drug she got stabilized.

You should seek a medical help if you find changes in your health conditions after consuming generic drugs. You could switch back to brand name drugs after the suggestion of your doctor.

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