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6 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Liver

Posted on 05 September 2010

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In our body the major organ of detoxification is liver. Your health and energy are largely dependent on the fact that how efficiently your liver is performing its functions. Before going through the general circulation every substance that your intestine absorbs has to pass through the liver.


The daily toxins that are produced in our body by the food, water, medications and air that we inhale are disposed of by the liver.

If your liver is not working properly then you might feel lazy and nauseous. Your eyes are mostly affected if there is a problem in liver function.

If the liver dysfunction continues then you may also incur Heart, Kidney, Brain and Cardiovascular stress.

Tips to take care of your liver

You should take a very good care of one of the most essential organ of your body. Here I have mentioned 6 tips to take care of your liver.


1. Coffee can help you prevent liver cancer

Coffee can prevent the most common type of liver cancer. Coffee is not only a source of a good energy drink but it also helps you to prevent liver cancer.

It has been found in a study that included more than 90,000 Japanese, that people who drink coffee regularly have 50% less liver cancer risk as compared to those who never have coffee.

2. Milk thistle increase the liver function

You should purchase milk thistle from chemist. It is helpful to protect and enhance the function of liver as it contains Silymarin, which serves in repairing the liver damaged parts.

Silymarin is a very powerful antioxidant; at least 10 times stronger anti-oxidant agent as compared to Vitamin E. Liver plays an important role in detoxifying the pollutants and processing nutrients and fats. Milk thistle helps in preventing the reduction of glutathione. Glutathione is that substance which is essential for the liver while performing the function of detoxification.

3. Take Vaccinations to prevent Hepatitis A

Your liver could be badly affected by Hepatitis A. Although a patient recovers fro this disease within 6 months but it symptoms can make you uncomfortable and disturb your daily activities for sometime. An average adult may not be able to work for at least 5 to 6 weeks due to Hepatitis A.


So if you have decided to travel through Africa, South America or Asia then in order to prevent Hepatitis A, you should get Hepatitis A vaccination 10 days prior to your travel.

4. Take Whey Protein Supplements

It has been found in the research that protein supplements greatly helps in repairing damaged liver. You can use Whey protein as a diet supplement. Whey protein is the form of protein that is derived from during the process which turns milk into cheese. You can also take regular dairy products, egg or soy as a protein supplement but the quality of protein found in whey protein is unmatchable. The highest amount of Branched chair amino acids (BCAA) is present in whey protein which is good to repair your liver damages.

You should not take huge amount of whey proteins at a time. Never take more than 30gms of whey protein at one particular time. The nest thing is that you should consume whey protein in different parts rather than talking them at once. As excess of whey protein overloads the liver and rather than repairing it can cause damage.

5. Spinach, kiwi fruit and asparagus help liver perform better

It has been found in few US researches that spinach is a great source of boosting your liver’s immune system. If you don’t like spinach then you should consider taking kiwi fruit and asparagus. These are also a great source to help your liver repair damages and perform better.

6. Avoid Liver diseases by Eating Yogurt daily

You can avoid liver diseases by eating 200g of yogurt daily. It is suggested that it can help you to reduce the chances of developing a fatty liver.

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